The One Month Handy Bible-Samson to Goliath


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31 Bible stories for children, ONE STORY EACH DAY TO LIGHT UP THEIR WAY. In this Bible Story Book for Children , Learn where real power comes from. Learn the true source of Samson s strength. See how and why Ruth s dreams come true. Lear why with trust in God the meek can be victorious. Meet David as a young boy who can fight off any beast, even the giant Goliath. This is a Bible Story book for Girls and a Bible Story Book for girls. God has a message for little ones in each and every Bible story.  Each day has a prayer for your child. The Bible comes alive each day of the month and all the year through in this special collection. Bright, sweet illustrations show the Bible more vibrant than ever before. And the easy-to-read text is perfect for reading aloud. With a comforting prayer to close each day, little ones are sure to fall asleep with a smile in their hearts. The One Month Handy Bible Series combines joyous illustrations from Gustavo Mazali with retold Bible stories from L. Marlee Alex and prayers from Anne Clark. In the well-known Handy Bible format, here is a children s book that is also a devotional. Each daily entry is an exciting Bible story accompanied by a daily prayer connected to the theme of the story.


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