The Secret of the Anointing


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Author:Kathryn Krick

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Become a Trusted, Effective Vessel of God’s Power If it’s God’s will for each of His children to be vessels of His anointing, why are we not walking in His power to heal and deliver? Moving in healing and deliverance all over the world, rising apostle Kathryn Krick shares how we can access this anointing and why it’s so important. With infectious, humble intensity, she equips you to strengthen your relationship with Jesus, the Anointed One; develop the godly character needed for powerful ministry; access the power that makes demons tremble; and launch your calling and release His anointing. The Holy Spirit wants to partner with you to demonstrate God’s love by casting out demons, healing the sick and destroying every yoke. Now is your time to walk in the precious and powerful anointing of God.


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